TXOR SENSO V1.0 TWS EARBUDS, IN-EAR v5.1 Bluetooth, Bass+ Tech & 20 hrs Playtime Fast Charging, Black Color and Touch Sensitive controls

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About The Product :-

TXOR SENSO V 1.0, the Smart and Effecient TWS Earbuds with a long and best in class Range with Powerful Battery of 350 mAh in the Charging Case 35 mAh in each Earbud and 120 hours standby time and over 20 hours of playback. Smartly designed 10 mm drivers in each bud enhanced by the Dot form factor deliver TXOR's Pure Bass Iconic Sound so you'll feel every pulsing beat.

It has a 4-5 Hours of continuous Music with single Charge and additionally 4-5 times charging from the Case in which you Just need to Put on the Earbuds and charge it within 120 Minutes. With a C Type Fast Charging Point, Its easy, Fast and Safe to charge. It has touch Sensitive controls, You can aslo Pickup calls and Pause or Play Music with Just a Feather touch on the side of the Earbuds while wearing inEars.

The Earbud Weights only 3.5 Grams , that ensures Anti-Fall and comfortable wearing experience. The Earphones are Sweatproof and Splashproof and Ultra Stylish and Sleek.
We make sure each Headphone is Carefully Designed, Examined and Peacefully Delivered to our Consumers so that they can Enjoy the Not so Peaceful Headphones, by TXOR.

The TXOR Range of Headphones, Neckbands, IN-Ears, Over the Ears and TWS with a Wide Range of Product Specially made for us and Carefully and Precisely made for Our Customers taking care of The Surroundings, the Usage and the Connectivity. TXOR Headphones comes with HI-Tech Enabled Speakers and Drivers and are useful and Connectable with a Range of Devices.

Care & Caution :-

1. Keep Away from Small Children.
2. Avoid using your device while charging it.
3. Unplug while Not in use.

Product Dimension :-

Case Size :
Width : 40 mm
Length : 55 mm
Thickness : 12 mm

Pods Size :
Width : 20 mm
Length : 30 mm
Thickness : 12 mm

Key Aspects :-

TWS EARBUDS BASS+ : TXOR SENSO V1.0 has a Surround sound engine with BASS+ Technology which has 10 mm Drivers allowing you to listen to the Music more accurately and with a Lot of Bass to Have a Greater Experience. Light in Weight makes it very Easy to use.

ADAPTABLE-MICROPHONE & SENSITIVE TECH : The SENSO V1.0 by TXOR has an Adaptable Microphone which adjusts as per the Use, enjoy Seamless Gaming, Music or Even a Over the Air Video Calling. It will give you perfect Results accordingly. You can aslo Pickup calls and Pause or Play Music with Just a Feather touch on the side of the Earbuds while wearing inEars.

PRECISE BATTERY & DRIVERS : TXOR SENSO V1.0 TWS Earbuds has a Great 350 mAh Hi Grade Battery in the case and has a 35 mAh Battery in Each of the pod which can Last for up 4 Hours of Listening Music or Calling, the Battery pack can charger the Earbuds upto 5 times, have a total of 20 hours of playback time.

TXOR-KOOL-AS-EVER : The TXOR Range of TWS Earbuds will make sure the KOOL is with you, Soooooperb Design, with touch sensitive controls in an Agile delivery construction and you will love everything about it. Has a USB to Charge and you have our Continuous Support.

SERVICE : Make in India | 6 Months Warranty | Onsite Care | TXOR BY STYLE HOMEZ | Call : +91 - 7428702500 for Warranty.


Product Features :-

*With Sensitive touch function
*Two earphones working when call and music
*Built-in Microphone, Hands Free, Binaural HD Call
*Light Weight
*Superior Connectivity
*Suitable for all Ears
*Works on Android and Apple
*Works on Bluetooth Devices 5.0
*Charging Case
*Works 3-4 Hrs on Single Charge
*Slight tap to cut the different function music and call

Specifications :-

1. Sleek and Ultra Light Earbuds with Lightning Charging for the Hub/case.
2. Lightweight with In-Built Smart Voice Assistant.
3. Multi Function Buttons, Microphone Feature, Snug Fit & Passive Noise Cancellation
4. Li-Polymer Battery 350 mAh, Long Standby Time, Long Play Time upto 4 hours in 1     Charge & 20 hoursin full and Talk Time.
5. Smart touch no pressure touch.
6. Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity.

Warranty :-

6 Months | Manufacturing Defects || There is 6 Months warranty on the Product's Manufacturing Defects. If anything is damaged, the product will, be Reverse Picked up from the Customer's Location and the replacement will be sent to the Customer. Time taken will be approx. 10 - 15 days. There is no Warranty if the product is damaged after use.

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