Spicy Monk 100% Pure & Natural Acacia Honey 500 gm

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About The Product :-

Spicy Monk 100% Pure & Natural Acacia Honey is 100% pure and natural honey is made from the nectar of Black Locust tree flowers. It is one of the finest honey you will ever taste. It is a natural sweeter
Acacia honey accelerates wound healing, prevents acne and bacterial infections. It helps in treating blood pressure, diabetes, skin conditions, allergies, chronic sores and throat infections


Care & Caution :-

1. Store in cool & dry place. Do not refrigerate.
2. Close the lid tightly
3. Natural honey tends to crystallise, and it can liquefied by keeping the jar in warm water or under the sun
4. Use Dry Spoon Only


Product Dimension :-

Length : 6.5 cm | Width : 6.5 cm | Height : 15 cm


Key Aspects :-
Pure & Natural : It is free from all type of adulteration such as sugar, artificial additives, colouring agents or preservatives. No flavor or extract is added to the honey. It is suitable for Vegetarians
Taste & Color : Spicy Monk Acacia honey is in translucent color and gentle and mild in taste
For Your Immune :   Spicy Monk Acacia honey naturally contains Vitamins, Minerals, Amino acids, Micro-Enzymes. It is a great source of Antioxidant, boosts immune system and known for its Anti-Inflammatory & Antibacterial properties.
Health Benefits : Having some amount of honey in your daily diet helps to fight cold & cough, digestion issues and seasonal allergies. It helps in managing your weight by enhancing your body metabolism. 
Spicy Monk by Style Homez Inc. | Proudly Made in INDIA Honey | All Natural and Pure


Product Features :-

1. Helps reduce acidity & ingestion
2. Lowers risk of heart disease
3. Good for cough & cold
4. Fights free radical damage
5. Boosts immunity
6. Good for Skin and Hair
7. Helps in weight loss
8. Rich in vitamins and minerals
9. Natural source of antibiotics
10. Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties
11. Rich in Anti-bacterial and antiviral properties

Nutritional Info.

Energy : 322KCal
Protein : 0.3 gms
Carbohydrates : 85 gms
Fat : Nil
Fibre : 0.2 gms
Sodium : 15 mg
Potassium : 123 mg
Calcium : 16 mg
Iron : 1 mg
Phosphorus : 5.4 mg

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