Spicy Monk Dipped Almonds-Badam Blueberry Almonds 0.25 Kg's (250 gms)

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About The Product :-

Health is popping your way. From being nutritious to delicious, Spicy Monk gives you plenty of Fusioned Nuts options. Presenting the Special one, California Almonds are organically roasted and then rolled in Sprinkling Blueberry Flavor.
Spicy Monk's Blueberry Flavored Roasted Almonds are an indulgent treat which is packed with antioxidants, folic acid and many more nutrients. Blueberries have a slightly sweet taste with a bit of acid. Mouthfeel is juicy and there is a pleasant squirt of juice as you bite down on a single piece of Spicy Monk's Blueberry Almonds.
A great source of fiber and vitamins, they are excellent as a snack or added to oatmeal and baked goods. A perfect add-on to a goodie bag for return gifts or can be enjoyed as a stand alone dessert.

Care & Caution :-

1. Keep this in a Cool Temperature for a Long Life.
2. Keep away from Reach of Direct Sunlight so it doesn’t gets damaged or Foul Smell. 

Product Dimension :-

Length : 12 cm | Width :7 cm | Height : 10 cm 

Product Features :-

1. Reduce the risk of heart attack
2. Lower ‘bad’ cholesterol
3. Protects artery walls from damage
4. Help build healthy bones and teeth
5. Provide healthy fats and aid in weight loss
6. Lower the rise in blood sugar and insulin after meals
7. Help provide good brain function
8. Nourish the nervous system
9. Alkalize the body

Product Benefits :-

1. Supports glowing skin by giving your body a punch of Vitamins A and E.
2. Protects from Heart Diseases.
3. Nourish the nervous system.
4. It naturally lowers the Cholesterol levels.
5.Promote Healthy Cells.
6. Lowers Blood Pressure.
7. Help Digestion.
8. Alkalize the body.
9. Prevent cognitive decline.
10. Reduces the risk of Cardiovascular Problems.

Nutrition Fact :-

Calogies : 465
Total Fat: 18G
Protein : 10G
Total Carbohydrate : 68G
Sugar : 63g
Dietary Fiber : 2.2G
Sodium : 13Mg

Content : -

California Almond
Sea Salt
Natural Blueberry Flavour
Corn Starch

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