Spicy Monk Milk Chocolate Coated California Almonds, 250 grams

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About The Product :-

Spicy Monk Dipped Milk Chocolate Almonds creates a
heavenly matrimony between fine nuts and rich chocolate, which sync in so well that you will not be able to differentiate that they both are 2 products, rather they gel up as one.
The bold strength of Spicy Monk's Milk Chocolate coating, paired with our finest and delicious dry-roasted organic almonds let you enjoy your favorite nutty energy packed snack and can be served as a standalone deluxe dessert that you can eat by the handful.
Almonds are the Nutritional Power House and a Metabolism-Friendly food. Milk chocolates too are a storehouse of nutrients like iron, copper, potassium and manganese. The Spicy Monk's Milk Flavor of Chocolate teeming with Roasted Organic Almonds is Great for gifting a new homeowner, Wedding Return Favours, Kids and most of the events as they are loved by all.

Care & Caution :-

1. Keep this in a Cool Temperature for a Long Life.
2. Keep away from Reach of Direct Sunlight so it doesn’t gets damaged or Foul Smell. 

Product Dimension :-

Length : 12 cm | Width :7 cm | Height : 10 cm 

Product Features :-

1. Reduce the risk of heart attack
2. Lower ‘bad’ cholesterol
3. Protects artery walls from damage
4. Help build healthy bones and teeth
5. Provide healthy fats and aid in weight loss
6. Lower the rise in blood sugar and insulin after meals
7. Help provide good brain function
8. Nourish the nervous system
9. Alkalize the body

Product Benefits :-

1. Supports glowing skin by giving your body a punch of Vitamins A and E.
2. Protects from Heart Diseases.
3. Nourish the nervous system.
4. It naturally lowers the Cholesterol levels.
5.Promote Healthy Cells.
6. Lowers Blood Pressure.
7. Help Digestion.
8. Alkalize the body.
9. Prevent cognitive decline.
10. Reduces the risk of Cardiovascular Problems.

Nutrition Fact :-

Calogies 566
Total Fat: 43.85Gm | 56%
Protein : 17.7G | 34%
Total Carbohydrate : 32.9G | 12%
Calcium : 245G | 19%
Iron : 3.3Mg | 18%
Vitamin A 18Ug | 2%
Sugar : 18.5G | 12%
Dietary Fiber : 9.8G | 35%\
Sodium : 24Mg | 1%
Coloestrol 7Mg | 2%
Saturated Fatty Acids 8.214G | 41%

Content : -

Cocoa Solids
Cocoa Butter
Roasted Almonds
Milk Solids
Milk Chocolate

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