Spicy Monk Premium Quality Dried Figs 1 kg (1000 gms) - King Size Afgani Anjeer A Grade

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About The Product :-

Figs originated in Arabia and grow best in areas with hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters. Although considered a fruit, the fig is actually an inverted flower, and the seeds are the fruit, according to the California Fig Advisory Board. 
Flower or fruit, the nutrient-rich dried fig can help you meet some of your essential nutrient needs, making it a healthy addition to your diet. 
Spicy Monk Excel in Providing You the Finest Dry-fruits and Premium Quality and Pure Pricing. 

Care & Instructions :-

1. Keep the Figs in a Cool Temperature for a Long Life. 
2. Keep away from Reach of Direct Sunlight so it doesn’t gets damaged or Foul Smell.

Product Dimension :-

Length : 15 cm | Width :7 cm | Height : 23 cm 

Key Aspects :-
POPULAR TREAT: One ounce of dried figs has 3 grams of fiber. Fiber may help alleviate constipation and keep you feeling full longer.
HEALTH BENEFITS: Anjeer is a good source of potassium. Potassium is an important mineral, which is required for the body and its regular intake is said to help in maintaining blood pressure because it tends to negate the harmful effects of sodium.
WE TALK NUTS: Spicy Monk is a small, Indian family-owned business with one goal in mind: To provide the customer with the best tasting nuts and dried fruits on the plant. We Source wide the find the best product, and stand firmly behind our merchandise.
BONE STRENGTH : Studies say that figs are rich in calcium, which is one of the most important components in strengthening bones and reducing the risk of osteoporosis.
VEGETARIAN | Spicy Monk by Style Homez Incorporation

Product Features :-

1. Can Help Treat Constipation
2. Figs Can Lower Cholesterol
3. Figs Help With Diabetes Control
4. Hasten Recovery From Sore Throats
5. Help Control Blood Pressure
6. Help Prevent Breast Cancer In Post-Menopausal Women
7. Figs May Help To Prevent Colon Cancer
8. Figs Promote Health Of Bones
9. Figs Can Help With Weight Loss
10. Figs Promote Healthy Liver Function
11. Figs Help Preserve Vision

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