Spicy Monk Premium Export Quality Whole W320 California Cashew, 1 kg (1000 gms) Naturally Processed

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About The Product :-

Spicy Monk brings to you Super Fresh, Crunchy and Reliable W320 Cashews from California which are absolutely A Grade in Quality. The Flavour is Just too good to be true with just a little hint of sweetness, you will be loving that too. We will make sure your are delighted with the freshness and delectable taste of our California cashews. Enriched with nutrients, proteins, and fibers, Cashews are helpful to provide you the Healthy snacking time. A true delight for Everyone.

Our high quality Cashews are packed in re-sealable press-lock packets, so that you can keep them fresh for long, even after opening them. We also make sure the package which reaches you is Rodent Free and Sorted to Perfection. You just Need to Store the cashews in a Dry place and Maybe an Air Tight Container to Keep them Fresh for long.

We source Our Cashews and All Other Dryfruits from Regular and High Quality Manufacturers and we make sure What Reaches you is absolutely Delightful and With loads of Love From Spicy Monk.
Spicy Monk by Style Homez has a History of Delighting Its Family of Customers with wonderful products Since a Long time, and we also assure you the finest in the Quality and Best of Products. We are Delighted to be Serving the INDIAN Subcontinent.

‘Spicy Monk’ aims to help nurture your Wellness with our wide range of wholesome, quality Berries,Pickles, Nuts and Seeds. They bring to you a wide range of the most naturally sourced Dry Fruits, handled with care from their places of origin.

Care & Caution :-

*Keep the Cashew in a Cool Temperature for a Long Life.
*Keep away from Reach of Direct Sunlight so it doesn’t gets damaged or Foul Smell. 

Product Dimension :-

Length : 12 cm | Width : 7 cm | Height : 10 cm

Key Aspects :-

SPICY MONK CALIFORNIA CASHEWS W320 : Cashews are Zero in Cholesterol, High in Heart healthy unsaturated fats and Lovely to Eat. A great source of energy, proteins, high in minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients. We Source our Cashews form the Best of the Best Just for you.

VEG-FOOD & Its Goodness : 100% Natural Vegetarian product. A handful of Cashew nuts per day are very helpful to maintain energy and healthy body.

POWERHOUSE with GOODNESS : Why Wait Then? Nosh On A Handful Of These Bite-Sized Powerhouse. Make It A Part Of Your Diet Plan Today and Eat healthy with All the Nutrients your Body wants.

QUALITY, PACKAGING & PREMIUMNESS : Premium Quality Hygienically Prepared Double Layer Vacuum Packed Meeting All Food Safety Standards. ISO : 22000:2005 Certified Material. We also make sure that the product which is delivered to you is Perfect in Shape and Quality.

SERVICE : Spicy Monk | by Style Homez Inc. | Make in INDIA | FSSAI : 10818003000228


Product Features :-

1.Prevent Heart Diseases
2.Healthy Muscles & Nerves
3.Reduce Risk of Diabetes
4.Cancer Chemo-preventive Agent
5.Reduces Risk of Anaemia
6.Prevent Gallstones
7.Boost Immune System
8. Healthy Fatty Acids
9. Fantastic Vegan Cream
10. Cashews Are Protein Rich
11. Cashews Are an Excellent Source of Antioxidant

Nutritional Info.
Per 100 gm
Based on 2000 Calorie Diet :-

Calories : 574 Kacl
Total Fat : 46.0 g
Saturated Far : 9.0 g
Cholesterol : 0 g
Sodium : 16 mg
Carbohydrates : 33.0 g
Sugar : 5.0 g
Dietary Fiber : 3.0 g
Protein : 15.0 g
Calcium : 45 mg
Iron : 6 mg
Magnesium : 260 mg
Potassium : 565 mg

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