Style Homez DECONTAMINATIONWOK BRUSH, Kitchen Utensil Cleaning Brush with Liquid Soap Dispenser & 2 Scrubs and 1 Brush (Grey Color)

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About The Product :-

Style Homez DECONTAMINATIONWOK BRUSH, Kitchen Utensil Cleaning Brush with Liquid Soap Dispenser & 2 Scrubs and 1 Brush is a Sink Cleaning Brush.

With Changeable Brush Head Cleaner and 2 Sponge Dish Scrubber for Kitchen Sink, Small Utensils and Pans cleans them As Easy as a piece of cake .

Easy to operate, safe and reliable, the WOK Brush is durable and easy to clean after use. No broken bristles, no hair and other dirty stuff, the Brush is not only sturdy but also with better toughness and has a bendable head which is able to clean all the areas inside the kitchen especially the grooves.

The ergonomic non-slip handle fits comfortably in the hand even when wet and soapy. The handle doubles as a soap reservoir, which is easily fallible with any dish soap and is Perfectly detachable and is easily disassembled.

Style Homez Cleaning Accessories for Your Kitchen, Here to the rescue.

Care Instructions :-

1. Please Ensure the Safety of the Brush Sponge Dispenser by Inserting Good Quality Soap and Shampoo Liquids.
2. Keep the Dispenser in a Fair Range from Electrical Equipments and Heated Objects.

Cleaning Manual :-

*Install the brush/Sponge head and then open the button to inject the liquid into the scrub body ,Press the button you can start cleaning your kitchen including dishes, bowls, pots, glass, anything you want to clean.
*Please use clean water after use, place it in a ventilated place to dry.

Material :-

ABS Plastic

Product Dimension (cm) :-

Product Handle Length : 24.5 cm
Brush Head Length : 7.5 cm
Width : 4.5 cm
Sponge Length : 9.5 cm

Key Aspects :-

UPDATED DESIGN :- The soap control button is integrated with the handle, better prevent the dish soap from leaking. The rotating structure completely solves the problem of brush heads falling when cleaning.

EASY CLEANING :- Just press the button to release dish soap on-demand, reduce unnecessary waste, save the trouble of taking detergent. The scraper on the back can effectively remove stubborn stains.

COMFORTABLE GRIP :- The ergonomic handle makes with ABSl, can be held comfortably in hand even in wet soapy conditions.

REPLACEABLE HEADS :- The dish scrub brush head can be easily replaced with a new brush head. Just twist it gently, it can be easily removed.

SERVICE :- Make in INDIA | Style Homez Inc. | 6 Months Home Service Warranty

Product Features :-

1. Easy To Operate, Easy To Clean Safe And Reliable.
2. Must-have And Necessity In the Kitchen Ideal For Cleaning Dishes, Pots, Pans, Kitchen, Sink, Non-stick Cookware, Cast Iron Pan And More.
3. Hard Enough To Really Scrape Off Junk But Soft Enough To Not Damage Seasoning, Multiple Uses Around the Home.
4. Round Dish Brush Are Stiff When Dry And Soften When Washing. Place It In A Ventilated Place To Dry. Economical And Durable.
5. One Brush Combines the Functions Of A Dishwashing Brush And A Dishwashing Sponge. Bowls, Pots, Glass, Anything You Want To Clean. Please Use Clean Water After Use.

Warranty Base :-

6 Months | There is Six Months warranty on the Product's Manufacturing Defects. If anything is damaged, the product will, be Reverse Picked up from the Customer's Location and the replacement will be sent to the Customer. Time taken will be approx. 10 - 15 days. There is no Warranty if the product is damaged after use.

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