Style Homez Innovative Double Layer UV Coated Inverted Reversible Large Black Umbrella, 125 cm Pink Color

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About The Product :-
Innovation, Specialization and Precision Takes time, But worth the wait. And this Summer 2018, we are Bringing You the Finest and the Most Durable Umbrella of all time, the Reversible by Style Homez.

Unique design double layer inside out umbrella, make it easy for you on raining day, won't
wet your car, documents or others.Advanced double layer ribs made the inverted umbrella more sturdy.

When you jump on a crowded train after escaping a downpour your dripping wet
Umbrella usually brushes up against your bag, your clothes or -even worse- a stranger.
But by inverting the design, the wet side of the umbrella faces inward when closed, exposing
Only the dry side. And that's not all: the creative design makes it easier to open when coming
out of a car or other covered area, and when not in use the umbrella can stands up on its own!

Care Instructions :-
Always open the umbrella Not Pointing towards any Individual, Lift the ribs slightly and slide the umbrella open.

Safety Warning :-
Keep Away from Direct Electricity and Sharp Objects.

Material :-

Outer Fabric : 190T Nylon Fabric UV Coated
Frame : Pongee | ABS
Handle Grip : Silicon Plastic
UV Coat : 50+ Rubberized

Size :-


Product Dimension (cm) :-

Umbrella :
Diameter : 125 cm | Rod Height : 82 cm

Key Aspects :-

OUTER FABRIC : 190T Nylon Fabric UV Coated | Frame : Fiber Alloy | UV Coat : 50+ Rubberized
DOUBLE LAYER : Unique design double layer inseide out umbrella, make it easyfor you on raining day, won't wet your car, documents or others.
SIZE OF UMBRELLA : Large | Diameter : 125 cm | Rod Height : 82 cm | Can Accommodate 2 People Easily
EASY TO OPERATE : With a simple click of the embedded button, you can open and close the umbrella in confined spaces when entering or exiting a building or car.
QUALITY CONSTRUCTION -The straight umbrella easily slices through all winds. | Make in India | 6 Months Warranty

Product Feature :-

1. Ultra Light
2. Portable
3. Waterproof
4. Superfine Nylon is used for Production
5. Smooth Design
6. Compact
7. Solid Built
8. Wind-Resistant

Warranty Details :-

There is a 6 Months warranty on the Product's Frame, Fabric and Stitching. If anything is damaged, the product will, be Reverse Picked up from the Customer's Location and the replaced. Time taken will be approx. 10 - 15 days. There is no Warranty if the product is damaged after use.

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