Style Homez Medium Waterproof Anti Theft and USB Charging Casual Backpack Laptop Bag for 14" Laptops, Grey Black Color

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About The Product :-

This durable and lightweight backpack from Style Homez can keep you sorted throughout the day while also being super stylish, thus making it the perfect modern and functional accessory for any user – male or female.

This backpack is high on aesthetics as well as on utility and functionality added comes in an anti-theft design which lets you carry your laptop anywhere with confidence.

It allows you to charge your phone while you are traveling. The charging dock which comes attached to the backpack allows you to connect your portable charger seamlessly for maximum convenience.

Care Instructions :-

1. Please Ensure the Safety of the Laptop Kept in the Bag, Tie the Strap Around the Laptop all the Time when its Inside the case.
2. Keep the Laptop Bag in a Fair Range from Electrical Equipments and Heated Objects, And make sure No Sharp Object is Kept Near the Bag.

Cleaning Manual :-

1. Clean the Laptop Bag with a Damp Cloth and Dry it in a Dry Place.
2. Do not Soak and do not put it in Direct Sunlight even if its wet, can Damage the Look and Fabric of the bag.

Material :-

Outer : Oxford Cloth
Inner : Nylon | Polyester

Style :-

Anti Theft - USB Bag

Size :-

Medium | 14" Laptop Bag

Product Dimension Inch :-
Length : 17" | Width : 10.5" | Height : 4.5"

Key Aspects :-

SPACE : 1 Laptop & 5 Small Compartments |Charger Pocket | Large Space Capacity
SECURITY : Optimal level of protection | Filled with Padded Foam for Drop Safety | Can not be Opened while on the Bag by Anyone
STYLE: Stylish & Trendy | Sturdy shoulder strap | Sleek | USB Port for Charging Phones
SIZE : Product Dimension:
Length : 17" | Width : 10.5" | Height : 4.5"
SERVICE : Make in India | 6 Months Warranty | Onsite Care


Product Features :- 

*USB Charging Slot
*1 Laptop Compartment
*5 Small Compartments
*Optimal level of protection
*Charger Pocket
*Pens & Small Stationery Pocket
*Stylish & Trendy
*Durable & Ultra Light Weight
*Fits 15.6" Laptop Bag
*Sturdy and Sleek
*Designed with multiple pocket slots

Warranty Details :-

6 Months | There is Six Months warranty on the Product's Manufacturing Defects. If anything is damaged, the product will, be Reverse Picked up from the Customer's Location and the replacement will be sent to the Customer. Time taken will be approx. 10 - 15 days. There is no Warranty if the product is damaged after use.

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