Style Homez Pure Copper Moscow Mule Mug 500 ML Lacquer Coated Handmade Hammered Design Joint Free & Leak Proof with Ayurvedic Health Benefits

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About The Product :-

Style Homez Brings to You High Quality 500 ml / 16 oz Copper Mule Mug for Everyday Use at Home or office. Made from premium quality pure copper and coated with Lacquer for the Perfect Finish and Long Lasting Color. This mug will be an ideal solution for your daily water drinking needs and addition to this You can Enjoy Some Mule Drinks too. 
Style Homez copper Mug is built to last for a long time even with regular use. Its sturdy exterior is built to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations without affecting its physical properties. Having undergone strenuous tests, this bottle is fit for daily use and safe for your entire family.

Care & Caution :-

1. Must wash the bottle thoroughly before first use.
2. For best results, use brush to clean the inside of the bottle.
3. Do not keep the bottles in the freezer.
4. Do Not Use to Store or Carry Milk & Carbonated Drinks.
5. For copper bottles use copper cleaning powder like Pitambari for best results.
6. Avoid cleaning copper bottles with normal dish washing agents as the detergent can cause oxidation and lead to permanent damage.
7. Do not use steel wool or other cleaners that may scratch the metal.
8.Copper utensil needs care from time to time as copper will oxidize.


Product Dimension :-

Height: 10 cm | Diameter: 8 cm | Width: 8 cm | Length: 11 cm

Key Aspects :-
ABOUT : 500 ml | 100% Pure Copper | Size : Small
LOWER YOUR SUGAR INTAKE : Drinking water from a Copper Mugs will Lower Your Intake of Sugar and Can Help Controlling Diabetic Diseases.
AYURVEDIC HEALTH BENEFITS : To slow down aging, aids in weight loss, helps in pregnancy and it’s a strong antioxidant that helps fight off diseases and boost brainpower. 
PURE COPPER : Sourced from the Doorsteps of the Copper Mines and made into Priceless Bottles, We help You to Achieve the Wonders in Your Health with this Pure Stylish Bottle
QUALITY : 6 Months Warranty | Made in India | Export Quality | Priceless Entity


Product Features : -

1. Ideal for drinking water
2. Stylish & Trendy
3. Durable & Light Weight
4.Fits in Bicycle, Backpacks & Vehicle Cup Holders
5. Standard Sizes
6. Easy to Carry
7. Wide mouth for easy cleaning


Warranty :-

6 Months | Manufacturing Defects | There is 6 Months warranty on the Product's Manufacturing Defects. If anything is damaged, the product will, be Reverse Picked up from the Customer's Location and the replacement will be sent to the Customer. Time taken will be approx. 10 - 15 days. There is no Warranty if the product is damaged after use or Wear and Tear of the product.

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