TXOR CAVO-M, Self Winding Magnetic Super Fast Charging Cable with USB TYPE-C Port & Fast Data Transfer, Black Color 1m (It Wont Tangle)

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About The Product :-

The CAVO-M, beautifully Designed by TXOR is a Multi-Use USB Cable with a USB C-TYPE front used for Android and other Devices.

These cables are Flexible & Durable - made of premium magnetic accessories and functional as they are aesthetically pleasing, with 12 Magnets wrapped in the cable, you cant just Tangle them Intentionally also. The cables are fast charging, have a quick data transfer and it is also compatible with wireless fast charging technology Devices and please them with their abilities. They are reinforced with flexible, protective silicone tubing and made with premium high-grade materials and Last but not least, our cables are compatible with nearly every phone or device.

Each and every cable which is Avaiable with is unique in its own Sense and is Designed, Manufactured, QC'ed and Sold with precision so that each of our Customers Receives a Brilliant product with Every SIngle Delivery, Every Single time. We made sure these Cables should be having a Strength to follow and Powerful Asthetics and should be Functional as we are. TXOR's promise is there in every Point of Precision in our Cables.

Care Instructions :-

1. Keep Away from Direct Reach of Small Children.
2. Keep Away the Cord from the any Heated Surface.
3. UnPlug while Not in use.

Material :-

*Hi-Strength Magnets
*Copper Wiring Inside

Size :-


Product Dimension (cm) :-

Length : 100 cm | 39 Inches | 1 mtr

Key Aspects :-

THE MOST ORGANIZED CABLE EVER :  Organizing your Cable has never been simpler or more addictive. This technology holds the cable in a neat and tidy shape while remaining fully functional and extendable.

EFFECIENCY 101% : Save your time with high efficiency, No Tangles & Fast Charging, 1 cable Does it all.

FASHION-WITH-SENSE : 0 Disconnects | 1 Mtr Length | 12 Magnets | Faster Data Transfer | CAVO-M by TXOR | USB C-TYPE

SOFT & DURABLE : They're reinforced with our flexible, protective silicone tubing and made with premium, high-grade materials. Cables are also made to last.

SERVICE : Make in India | 6 Months Warranty | Onsite Care | TXOR by Style Homez


Specifications :-

*12 Magnets Installed in the cable to Never let it Tangle.
*Saves storage to keep your workplace neat and tidy with no disturbance.
*Fast charging on any devices, Better time efficiency.
*Lightweight and portabe size, easy to carry out.
*Suitable for All Apple Iphones and Ipads also or all devices which are charged through Lightning Cables
*Hi-Speed Data Transfer

Warranty :-

6 Months | There is 6 Months warranty on the Product's Manufacturing Defects. If anything is damaged, the product will, be Reverse Picked up from the Customer's Location and the replacement will be sent to the Customer. Time taken will be approx. 10 - 15 days. There is no Warranty if the product is damaged after use.

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